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Toyota Innova Car Accessories...

13 February 2016, 10:05 AM

The Toyota Innova needs no introduction to car buyers here in India. The most popular car in the people mover segment, it has been a best-seller for over a decade now, with no signs of demand waning even after all this while. In-fact, such is the reputation of the car, that it commands a premium, even in the car resale market.

Decking up cars comes naturally to Indian buyers, and the list of Toyota Innova car accessories, should make any owner happy as punch. So here goes:

  • Nothing beats the look of wood & the feel of leather when it comes to luxurious interiors in a car. The Toyota Innova is no stranger to this and one can get a wide range of wood-finish & real-wood inserts for the door panels, gear shifter & other dash panels within the cabin. Similarly, leather too is an option, and one that can be draped over the seats too, further improving on the plush ride quality of the car.
  • If you find yourself getting increasingly distracted at having to look down at the instrumentation console to check on your speeds, then the Toyota Innova car accessories catalogue has a nifty, heads-up display gizmo that projects the speeds you’re doing onto the screen.
  • Toyota also offers a range of security systems, designed exclusively for the Innova should you be worried about keeping your prized possession safe from prying eyes.
  • Given its people-mover credentials, the Toyota Innova takes its music-on-the-go duties seriously. Which is why, you get not one, but two official infotainment units for owners to choose from.
  • The larger than life nature of the Innova also extends to its dimensions. Thankfully, there’s a set of reversing sensors and a rear parking camera system, to come to the driver’s rescue when backing the car into a tight spot.
  • From mud-flaps, to dirt mats in both, fabric and rubber – the Innova gets a full complement of protective accessories that are designed to keep it safe from dirt related damage, on the outside as well as within the cabin.
  • A sunshade to place across the front when parked, not only helps keep the cabin cool when you return to it, but also serves to protect the interior from the harmful effects of the sun.

Car covers, blinds, weather visors, alloys, spoilers, body graphics – the world of Toyota Innova car accessories is a treasure trove of personalization for owners. And as the next generation Innova is readied for launch, the world is only going to get all the more exciting.

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