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Top 5 Useful Car Accessories...

15 January 2016, 05:18 PM

There is a lot that one can know about a person, by the car they own. The wheels of a person are an extension of their personality, projecting their beliefs right from the brand and the model, to the way they maintain them and care for them. Moreover, every car owner ends up adding their individual touch to their cars that makes them uniquely theirs. The world of accessories is an ever growing one however, and navigating through the entire lot can be a trying task. Before one sets about personalizing their wheels, here’s a list of top-5 useful car accessories that every owner must have with them:

  1. We often spend hours in the car, either on the daily commute or on the weekend drive. A portable, waste collection pouch goes a long way in stowing away all those fruit peels, snack wrappers and other waste that would end up soiling the interiors of new cars.

  1. Similarly, a caddy for knick-knacks goes a long way in having a singular space to keep the daily newspaper, any magazines and other knickknacks in the car.

  1. Owners with the tendency to move around with a loaded boot, can invest in a pair of nets with hooks or Velcro patches at the corners. This would keep the luggage neatly tied down in the boot, preventing it from moving about and are a great thing to have irrespective of whether one has used cars or not.

  1. Sun-control film for the front windshield is a great thing to have in our harsh summers here. It reduces the load on the air-conditoning system and improves fuel efficiency. It also protects upholstery from the harmful effects of the sun, thereby being one of the top-5 useful car accessories.

  1. In this digital age where battery-life is everything, a charger or better still, a quality inverter can help go a long way in ensuring that the electronic devices are full of juice. Quality definitely comes at a price here, and being stingy runs the risk of damaging delicate electronics. So choose wisely.

So whether you’ve got used cars or are using one of the new cars launched in recent years, having the essential accessories does go a long way in making the drive smoother. So tell us, what accessories did you kit out your car with? Hit up the comments below with your responses. Till then, happy motoring!

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