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How To Remove Odor From Your Car...

20 April 2016, 11:56 AM

Nothing’s more upsetting than stepping into a car that stinks. In this day and age where car odour removal solutions are dime a dozen, it is sheer torture that one should never have to endure. Here are a few ways you could try to rid the car of the stink.

Wash your car. Go on, do it. Not only will it look a lot cleaner but chances are, that some of the odour can be gotten rid of this way.

Right. If the car is clean on the outside, the next on your car odour eliminator checklist should be the interiors. Vacuum the upholstery, air out the floor mats and if needed, get them shampooed.

Cars these days tend to come with plenty of storage cubby holes in the cabin. It is all too easy to leave behind cola cans, fruit peels and take-away containers; particularly for those who tend to munch on the go. They’re easily forgotten, until their stench becomes noticeable.

Take a pair of damp cloths, soaked in cleaning solution and rub down all the vinyl surfaces. Many who follow this habit, tend to do this only for the dashboard & the centre console. It is a wise practice to add the door pads, bottle holders & the seat-belt assemblies too to this list. Oh & don’t forget the glove-box too.

The boot is another oft-neglected area in a car when it comes to car odour removal. Often, people just throw stuff around & forget about it for days on end.

People are often unaware of just how powerful a car odour eliminator the sun is. The best way to experience this is to wait till it is shining down at its brightest. Next, roll down the windows and let the car air out for a while.

If the problem still persists, then it is time to step up your car odour removal game. Speak to a dedicated auto-cleaning solutions provider for assistance. They’re likely to have the expertise in handling such cases, as well as the cleaning materials to carry out the task.

Another suspect that goes unnoticed is the air-conditioning system. A clogged filter, or ducting that has mould growing in it will spread a most peculiar odour when turned on.

The decision to take the DIY route or seek expert help all depends upon the severity of the problem. So choose wisely & step into a fresh smelling car every time.

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