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Best Car Accessories For Winters...

19 April 2016, 12:53 PM

For most motorists, the cold months are nothing more than a blimp on the temperature scale. This is particularly true for those in the south-western part of the country. Go up north and across the east however, and you begin to realize just what winter is. Cars in India that live there often end up needing something extra to help them tide over the biting cold and snow.

This is why, the list of best car accessories for winters below, might be handy for those who might opt to hit the roads when the temperature starts to plunge.

Most cars in India only end up using the air-conditioning function of their HVAC units. As a result, the heater goes unused and runs the risk of breaking down when the temperature slider is moved to the right. The best thing to do is give the heater a thorough service typically before the cold sets in, so that it is functioning at its optimum best when you need it the most.

Floor-mats of the all-weather type tend to be one of the best car accessories for winters. They help keep the cold & the sleet out, thereby protecting the original, fabric based matting found in most cars.

People tend to think that wipers are only used when the rain comes crashing down from the clouds above. They couldn’t be more wrong. Wipers are quite effective even when it is snowing and switching to fresh wipers before the winter is a healthy habit to practice.

Typically speaking the OEM mud-flaps found on cars in India tend to be of the shorter type. However, during winter, it is imperative to switch to longer ones, which would prevent the corrosive snow from settling into the under-body of the car.

It is a good practice to keep a spare set of leads and spark plugs during the winter months in the car. You’ll be amazed at just how handy these could be in getting you out of trouble. Better still, these could come to the rescue of a fellow-motorist stranded by the road-side in the cold.

Lastly, make sure there’s some good music in the car. Road blockages & increased travel times are unavoidable during the cold months and a speaker upgrade may well be one of the best car accessories for winters.

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