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Petrol or CNG! Which One To Choose?...

08 June 2016, 12:32 PM

With diesel fuel starting to get a bad name thanks to particulate matter and nitrous oxide emissions, the fuelling debate is turning back to petrol cars. But truth be told, even petrol powered vehicles aren’t the cleanest fuel-tech out there. Gas based solutions could offer us our best chance to not only clear the air, but give the coming generations a fighting chance to flourish.

The debate is still raging over cng vs petrol as the fuel of choice for a cleaner tomorrow and so, let’s delve a bit deeper into the situation, shall we?

The current drop in crude prices have made petrol cars attractive once again, but detractors say that alternate fuel options such as CNG make for a better choice. Typically speaking, CNG cars are priced in the range of 50-6000 INR higher than their equivalent petrol powered cousins. Add to this the allied interest & maintenance costs into the mix and some startling aspects come forward.

For example, a petrol powered car with a fuel efficiency figure of 15 km/l should cost approximately 2500 INR for 500 kilometres. The CNG powered variant on the other hand, costs a scant INR 1000 for the same distance. Bump up the distance covered to double, at 1000 kilometres & the amounts for both fuel solutions rise accordingly. But the moment the monthly distance covered crosses 1000 kilometres, something interesting happens.

CNG cars have a lower fuel capacity than petrol cars. So the former has to take more frequent stops.

Petrol cars are still sprightlier and feel much more involving to drive than their wheezing CNG counterparts.

Most CNG cars end up sacrificing precious boot-space to accommodate the additional fuel tank in comparison to their petrol counterparts.

The maintenance needs of CNG cars is much higher than their petrol only cousins. Given how the motors used in cars today are designed to burn liquefied petroleum, CNG being a gas, burns cleanly, thereby accelerating wear & tear due to lack of lubrication.

So when you look at the debate, you ought to realize that things aren't’ as clear cut in favour of CNG cars as previously thought. So tell us, do you still feel that CNG is here to stay or is it destined to play out a distance?

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