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Car Oil Guide: Mineral Oil Vs Synthetic Oil...

03 January 2016, 10:05 AM

The great oil debate has been going on ever since people first discovered the relation between engine oil and engine life. While there was only mineral oil for a long time, ever since Porsche began using synthetic oil in their hyper-performance cars, the world began to sit up and take notice. To those wondering about what is synthetic oil – it is a carefully crafted lubricant whose formulation has been arrived at after intense and extensive research. It is produced to offer the optimum lubrication whilst enabling maximum performance.

Present day engines are extremely sensitive to the oil that’s used in them. So as you go deeper into the whole mineral oil vs synthetic oil debate, here’s something for you to bear in mind:

Never use a fully-synthetic oil in a freshly built engine. New engines require a bit of running-in, which involves a bit of wear & tear, as parts mesh and grind together to their finely-tuned tolerances. Synthetic oil with its enhanced lubricating abilities, reduces the friction, thereby impacting the running-in process.

Always remember to stick to the right grade when it comes to the oil that goes into the engine. If you are unaware about the right grade, then we’d recommend for you to stop right here, go look up your owner’s manual before you proceed to what is synthetic oil.

The fuel-filter is a critical consumable part of any engine that must be periodically replaced. Few however, understand this and risk catastrophic engine damage in a bid to save a few hundred rupees.

While extended drain intervals are often put up in support of the latter, when it comes to discussing mineral oil vs synthetic oil, one must remember that it ultimately depends on the driving conditions. Sure, synthetic oil will last longer before breaking down, but it is good to err on the side of caution than be faced with hefty repair bills.

Lastly, older engines, due to the wear-and-tear over time, benefit lesser from synthetic oils than modern-day engines. However, one can easily use a semi-synthetic oil to get the best of both worlds.

Ultimately, one must evaluate their needs and usage accurately to avoid falling prey to market talks. So size up what you want and see what works best for yourself.

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