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Top 10 Most Infamous Car Recalls Ever...

16 February 2015, 03:05 PM

Every year, a lot of motorists go through with some minor or major car issues that compel them to either return to their dealers or simply get their cars fixed. Unintentional acceleration, engine fires, steering the wheels by falling it off, and others are some issues that result in car recalls. In a country like India, a number of people buy used cars. Check out the top 10 most infamous and worst auto recalls ever.

  • 2013 Ford Escape: Ford Motor Company recalled 11,500 units for its 2013 Ford Escape SUV, as it suffered the small problem of engine fire. Fortunately nobody got injured because of the fires. However, this was recorded as among the most infamous recalls for the company.

  • 1978 Ford Pinto: In 1978, Ford agreed that the gas tank of Pinto would burst and explode into flames if a rear-end accident would take place. The recalled vehicles cost the company with millions in payments. View more ford cars.

  • 1995 Honda Accord: During mid-90s, 3.7 million Honda Accord owners complained about the faulty airbags. This happened because the release button would get break and turn into an ineffectual, if one tries to release their seatbelts, resulting in car recalls. View more honda cars.

  • 2010 Toyota Corolla: The problem of 2010 Toyota Corolla was a fault in the gas pedal that reasoned it to close up during full-throttle speeding up. Accordingly, the driver could not bring to a halt, which unfortunately led to 9 million vehicles recalled with 31 deaths.

  • 1981 General Motors Chevrolet Malibu: In 1981, a loose-fitting suspension bolt in some General Motors vehicles was found, resulting in some improper steering features that caused the driver to simply lose the control of his/her vehicle. A sum of 5.8 million cars was recalled by means of the Chevrolet Malibu as being the most affected. View more chevrolet cars.

  • 1996 Ford Ranger: In 1996, a number of Ford Ranger models had a fault in the ignition system, which eventually resulted in the vehicles going into flames. All in all, 8 million auto recalls cars were made.

  • 2000 Lincoln Navigator: In few cars, the cruise control tool experiences a malfunction, which causes the engine to burn and explode into flames. And thus, the Lincoln Navigator was the most recalled among Ford vehicles. In all, 8.6 million cars were affected.

  • 1971 General Motors Chevrolet Vega: Sadly for a few General Motors Chevrolet Vega drivers in 60s, their engine swell gets separated in one way or another because of the rubber corroding. Accordingly, cars would nonstop hit at high speeds, which resulted in 18 injuries and 63 accidents.

  • 1991 Ford Explorer: In 90s, the Ford Explorer vehicle had a propensity to overturn in urgent situation, for which the credit goes to the stride issues of the cars Firestone tires. By the year 2001, over 200 deaths were there because of these tires.

  • 1970 Ford Bronco: Ford vehicles had that “park-to-reverse” automatic transmission fault that let cars to come out in park, but merely to fall into reverse. According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over 23,000 complaints, 1,710 injuries, 6,000 accidents, and with 98 ascribed to the fault were received.


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