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Top 10 Fictional Cars...

07 January 2015, 02:31 PM

Automobile aficionados across the world have wild imaginations and they keep wishing for better cars to come in the market. However, there are several fictional cars that although do not exist but fans do wish for it. Imaginary cars, seen in films, television shows and cartoons, cannot be bought but make for amazing wishful thinking. There are so many cars in India but fans of films want some of the coolest fictional cars that customers would want to ride in. Let’s take a look at ten fictional vehicles that people would want to be real:

  • Ghostbusters’ Ecto: A part of one of best sci-fi films of all time, the Ecto model featured a chassis of the 1959 Cadillac. One of the highlights of this car was the Super Slammer Muon Trap, which helped in capturing ghosts in almost no time.

  • Christine: The 1983 film featured this sentient vehicle, which looked a lot like 1958 Plymouth Fury. It became highly popular, just like the film, and is easily one of the best fictional cars of all time.

  • The Flintstones’ car –  Though it is not capable of doing anything heroic and it would be tough to ride it in actuality, this model is one of the most loved imaginary cars of all time.

  • KITT: Driven by popular actor David Hasselhoff, this imaginary car, based on the Pontiac Trans-Am was fitted with features that would give James Bond’s car a run for its money. Some of the highlights of this car include flame thrower, anamorphic equaliser and a laser.

  • Bumblebee: There are not many things that can be added to Chevrolet Camaro to make it cooler but the Transformers’ Bumblebee showed exactly how the car could be turned into an absolute stunner.

  • Batmobile: This is one of those fictional cars that any automobile lover would do anything for. There is hardly anything the Batmobile cannot do, right from reaching 100 kmph in 3 seconds to metamorphosing into a bike.

  • James Bond’s Lotus Espirit: Now, who want not want their cars in India to be able to travel under water since there is so much traffic on the road. In one of the most iconic moments of Hollywood cinema history, the Lotus Espirit, which featured in The Spy Who Loved Me, wrote its name in golden letters when it went under water.

  • James Bond Aston Martin DB4: Equipped with a wide range of technology features, weapons, machine guns, revolving number plate and bullet proof shield, this car is at par with this Lotus Espirit S1 in terms of status.

  • Flying Ford Anglia: Arthur Weasley’s car, used by his son Ron and famous wizard Harry Potter in JK Rowling’s cult status book series, can do what everyone wants from cars in India to do – fly.

  • DeLorean DMC-12: Nothing could really beat what this car is capable of doing and hit film Back to the Future showed this model better than any other movie. Owning this car opens unprecedented avenues for anyone who gets their hands on the car, right from going to the Bronze Age to seeing the Roman Empire.


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