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Top 10 Car Advertisements...

09 February 2015, 01:41 PM

Automobile market does not bear excuses, and thus if your advertising is less than some other brand, then be prepared to say goodbye. No matter how wrong this may seem to you, the fact is that’s how business is done. When it comes to publicity, TV advertisements are the most crucial ones. Because of the high competition, publicity departments of the automobile manufacturers have to come up with some brilliant and unique ideas. Of course, the ground level or the minimum level of testing for these ads is already too high. But, some ads don’t just cross these bars; they crash through them. This article mentions ten best car ads you would have seen.

  • Nissan Juke ad – Imagine a mix of the fastest terrestrial animal and the fastest jet–plane. What you get is Nissan Juke. Well, at least that’s what the top car TV commercial has to say.

  • Toyota HiLux Unbreakable drivers ad – Going by what this ad conveys, only the best and the toughest are worthy of driving Toyota HiLux. You have to complete each challenge– pulling a rubber sheep through a very high voltage fence and even eating a red hot pie without showing any displeasure or pain. One thing is for sure, after watching this commercial; many would have bought this car just to show off their ‘hulk’ powered nature.

  • Honda Accord 2003 ad – This 1 million dollar cost commercial took around four days of filming and took around 600 takes. The result was really worth that hard work. This advertisement is now popularly referred to as ‘the Cog’ by people in advertising field. The TV commercial surely increased the sales of the brand.

  • Subaru XV ad – In one line, this advertisement is all about running over a dog, dog jumping towards you, you running away and dog driving away with your Subaru XV. Why, you may ask. Well, that is because ‘everyone wants a Subaru XV’.

  • Volkswagen Golf GTI  ad– Volkswagen is widely known for the two things it has perfected in – manufacturing cars and advertising them. In this ad, you see Gene Kelly body dancing to an electric version of the song ‘singing in the rain’.

  • Ford Sierra ad – This ad is what can be referred to as simplicity at its height. Nothing extraordinary. No bursting of car, no stunts, nothing fancy. A very simple ad mentioning different ways in which the car can be used. That’s all but still this ad was highly successful in publicizing the model.

  • Honda ad – ‘hands’ advertisement – This is a technological ad. You begin with a nut and end up with Honda’s car, all with a couple of hands.

  • Volkswagen Golf ad – Starring the model Paula Hamilton, who is a lookalike of Princess Diana, this ad somehow touched great heights of success, and was one of the best car ads. 

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