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Top 10 Amphibious Cars...

09 May 2015, 10:58 AM

The concept of amphibious vehicles, which can run on both water and land, isn’t very new, as they are into production since 18th century. Though the first self-propelled amphibious vehicle was built by Oliver Evans, a US based inventor, in 1805. Named the Orukter Amphibolos, this vehicle was powered by a steam engine.

So if you are looking for such vehicles, here’s a list of top 10 amphibious cars

WaterCar Panther- A Californian-based car brand designed and developed one of the world's fastest amphibious cars named the Panther. Dave March, the founder of Panther developed this car with an aim to reach "freeway"- type speeds in the water. The WaterCar Python is the fastest amphibious car in the world with road speeds of over 201kmph and water speeds of at least 96kmph. The company introduced the Panther and called it the "Ultimate Vehicle". It is capable of attaining 45mph in water and 80mph on roads.

Sea Lion- If you are looking to buy a car that goes fast and looks unique, the Sea Lion concept is one the best all terrain cars in the world. The Sea Lion prototype is the world's fastest amphibious "land speed" vehicle. On the road, this car clocks 201kmph, while the vehicle reaches a top speed of 96kmph in water.

Dobbertin HydroCar- It is aluminum-bodied, preciously designed amphibian that transforms its shape from 'Land Mode' to 'Water Mode' with the click of a switch. Under the bonnet is a fully dyno-tuned Chevrolet engine that churns out 762bhp of power at 5,800rpm.

Hydra Spyder- Manufactured by Cool Amphibious Manufacturers International, the Hydra Spyder is an open-top, high speed & high performance amphibious sports vehicle. On land, this stylish, retro-looking sport car speeds up to 201kmph, while in the water it can attain 85kmph. It is powered by a Corvette LS2 6.0-litre engine producing 400bhp of power at 6000rpm.

Gibbs Humdinga- It is a 5-seater concept vehicle, which is powered by a 350bhp V8 engine. Equipped with a full time 4WD system, the vehicle is capable of hitting a top speed of 165kmpl on land and 65kmph on water.

SeaRoader Lamborghini Countach- This is a mid-engined Lamborghini Countach that was specifically developed by SeaRoader aquatecht Mike Ryan to be amphibious.

Rinspeed Splash- The Swiss sportcar tuning brand Rinspeed manufactured an amphibious car in 2004, which can go with speed up to 50kmph on water. On land, this car hits a top speed of 200kmph. It is powered by a 750cc, two-cylinder, turbo-charged engine.

Gibbs Aquada- It is a high speed amphibious car, which has been developed by Gibbs Sports Ambhibians in New Zealand. It is capable of hitting a top speed of 160kmph on roads and 50kmph on water.

Amphicar- It was first produced for sale to the public in 1961. The Amphicar was designed by Hanns Trippel, while the Quanto Group at Lubeck manufactured the car at Berlin-Borsigwalde.

Gibbs Quadski- This amphibian can be operated as both an ATV and a personal watercraft. It can attain speeds of up to 72kmph on both road and water.

Though, there are several other such vehicles in the world, our list of top 10 amphibious cars includes the ones with maximum speed.

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