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Build Your Own Emergency Car Kit...

30 January 2015, 12:47 PM

Many car owners fill up their cars with “not so useful” accessories only to make their cars more “modern”. But, somewhere in this process of modernizing their car, they forget to add the most important thing in their vehicles – an emergency kit. While everyone hopes that circumstances in which these kits become necessary never arise, it is always better to be ready or as the common saying goes, “hope for the best and prepare for the worst”. This article would help you in assembling your emergency car kit that you can place in your car whenever you go for a drive – short or long. These emergency car accessories in India are available at different shops. You can purchase them online or contact your shopkeeper and place an order.

It is your duty to ensure that the car emergency kit has all the things in an organized manner. It is also better to have a checklist of these items prepared and to verify the items placed in your emergency kit whenever you are leaving for a trip. The car items to be placed in the car emergency kit can be broadly divided into three categories– basic kit, additional things for a long drive and things for the winter drive (usually everyone has this set well managed).

The basic kit should have the car items that can aid you in a broad range of things – from getting help to solving simple issues. Your basic kit should have a cell phone. While it is not recommended to use your phone while driving, it does not mean you shouldn’t carry it. It can be of great help whenever you are stuck with a problem, and there is no one nearby to help you out. Next is a very important part of the basic kit – First aid box. Your first aid box should have all the items recommended and in perfect condition. You should also go through all the items present in your first aid kit before going for a drive as in several situations, you won’t have enough time to search for a particular thing in your first aid box. You should also pack some warning light in your kit. This can help in giving other people some warning of your vehicle’s presence, especially in dark.

A complete set of items required for changing a tire should also be present. Tires have a tendency of bursting when it is most unexpected. Also keep a pen and notepad in your kit. These can be required for a range of jobs. You should also place jumper cables in your kit. They come in handy when your car battery dies. A simple addition can save your time and prevent any discomfort during your trip. If your mobile is compatible with USB charging cables, then it is advised to add the feature of USB slot in your car so that they can come in handy for charging your mobile phones.

While going for a long drive, you should add these items to your “car emergency items” list. It is better to create a separate kit for this and just take it with you whenever you are planning a long visit. A GPS navigation system and tools such as a set of wrenches, screwdriver and pliers are enough for this kit. The final and the most used kit is the one used during winter drives. Road accidents are fairly common during a foggy season because of very low visibility. For such situations, you should have a spare cloth and a windshield scraper for removing any ice and water droplets from your car’s windows. A hat, pair of gloves and some thick winter clothes are some obvious additions to this kit. You can never be sure of the climate and temperature, and it is better to be prepared for any extreme conditions.

In general, you should always place your insurance documents, owner’s manual and other related legal documents in your car. Water bottles and some snacks can be purchased during or before the trip, but ensure that they are in perfect condition. You must always have a road map for your specific trip regardless of how familiar you are with the path. Remember that it is always beneficial to be ready for any situations that may arise during your trip. Don’t let your carelessness dampen your fun. Always have a list of emergency car accessories prepared before starting for a new journey.

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