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10 Best Cars To Tackle Winter...

29 January 2015, 10:59 AM

When it comes to winters, cars are the best way to transport from one place to other. This is mainly because these are the only means to stay cosy while travelling during the winter season. Whether it is sedans, hatches or a sport utility vehicle, cars are the best way to beat the cold. Cars in India are your best friends if you are planning a trip on the mountain ranges. There are different types of cars, which come as best modes of preventing winters while on the road.

Chevrolet Traverse: Chevrolet Traverse might be a good bet when it comes to preventing the cold. This is a great crossover for the perfect family trips. The capacity of the SUV is eight, which is quite large for this segment. The cargo space of this SUV is 116.3 cubic feet even at full capacity. The front seats get the warmth from the heater and it also keeps the rear seats cosy. View more chevrolet cars.

Acura MDX: The luxury crossover Acura MDX is another model, which is meant for winter travelling. Acura has marketed the car, which has the capacity to withstand almost all situations. The seats have been provided with advanced heating technology for the best comfort in the winter season.

BMW 2 Series: Even if you are looking for German automobile brands, BMW 2 Series can be one of the best options during the winter season. Apart from being a great option in winters, this car is incredibly superb machine to drive, especially during long trips. View more bmw cars.

Jeep Wrangler: Jeep Wrangler can be one of your best friends for that ride up the snowy mountain track. The Cherokee has a built-in Snow mode that has been specially devised for the icy trips. There is no doubt about the capability of the model as it has been proved over the years


Mercedes-Benz G-Class: Mercedes-Benz G-Class is known as an absolute performer on the roads right from the time it hit the roads. The G-Class has not changed quite much from the outside; however it has changed quite a lot from the interiors. All the while, one fact that has stayed all along is the car’s aptness for travelling in the winter season. View more mercedes cars.

Chrysler 300: Chrysler 300 is another model, which can handle winter seasons with ease. There are a variety of trim varieties of the model with both AWD as well as RWS. The luxury sedan is a great option to beat the cold wave with multi-level heated rear and front seats, heated steering wheel and mirrors.

Volvo XC90:  Whenever you have a car with exceptional features, especially pertaining to protection in winters, Volvo has proven its worth. The XC90 has become impressive for prevention of the cold in the winters. This SUV is meant for beating the ice and snows, especially up the mountains. View more volvo cars.

Toyota 4Runner: Toyota 4Runner is one of the best options in the segment of mid size SUVs and it has brewed up the right formula for beating the cold. The SUV can perform admirably well on icy roads and gets to beat the path with effortless ease. View more toyota cars.

Audi Allroad: Audi Allroad is among the best options when it comes to cars meant for winter driving. The Quattro all-wheel drivetrain is capable of bolstering the car on even uphill conditions. Whether the condition is snowy, windy or rainy, the car is capable of carrying it off with ease. View more audi cars.

Subaru Forester: However, the clear winner in the category of cars meant for winter driving is undoubtedly, Subaru Forester. The cars from Subaru are meant for the winter roads and Forester is the clear favourite. Come what may, you can definitely find your way out through the winter months, when you have the Forester.


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