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Volkswagen E-Up! – The New Generation Green Car...

09 June 2015, 03:28 PM

Volkswagen might be a little late in entering the electric vehicle market, but it has been making its mark. The car maker plans to lead the market with zero-emission cars in next 2-3 years. Volkswagen e-up! is just the first chapter of this ride. Bestowed with an amazing range of 90 miles in one full charge, e-up! Is no less than a blessing for urban dwellers.  The driving dynamics are quite similar to regular Volkswagen cars but it takes an edge over other electric vehicles for its speed and efficiency. Visually it looks very much similar to VW Up! apart from a its aero-optimized alloy wheels and some extra VW badges.

Unlike Renault Zoe, e-up! isn’t a standalone car in green car segment, it makes an equal appeal like all those desirable good looking cars. The wheels are proportional and taut lines look good, the black glass embedded in tailgate leaves no doubt that it is one of the most smartly designed small cars. Over the inner end, its upholstery captures attention in blue in contrast with its colorful dials and plug-in screen. The build quality is top notch with amazing switchgear. If you are well versed with the regular Up! you wouldn’t face any problem with its electric version.

In terms of driving and handling, Volkswagen green car exhibits excellent control and precise turn-in at all points. It is 200kg heavier than its regular version, the weight offers added stability to its profile. The steering is sharp and more natural as compared to its contemporaries. It propels on a an electric motor that churns 81bhp for 210Nm. Though the figures are slightly shy than ZOE but its lighter weight compensates for that. The small electric vehicle sprints from 0-60mph in just 10.3 seconds and can effortlessly attain a top speed of 80mph. it is a silent rider that makes minimal noise over roads and the gentle whir of its electric motor is nothing than a lullaby to put you to rest.

The German car maker has made hefty investments over its machinery. All electrical equipment of this car comes with a 100, 000 mile for 8 years warranty. The warranty can be further extended by 75, 000 miles for 4 years or 90, 000 for five years by paying a minimal amount of £205 and £495 respectively.

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