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Understanding Your Green Car Options...

25 October 2015, 10:05 AM

People had very limited options when it came to green cars a decade ago. Now, the segment is filled up to the gills with multitude of options that include lower pollution cars, plug-in hybrids, battery electrics, and hydrogen fuel cell based cars. Even petrol based section has taken a leap to include more and more hybrid technologies in it. However, the pertinent question is which technology is the kindest to our mother earth? Which one is most suitable for your family budget? This guide intent to impart a better understanding about present day green car options so that buyers’ and know better what they are bringing-in and what will be its pros and cons:

  1. Battery Electric Cars: The category includes those automotives that run only on electric batteries and promise zero emissions. The limitation, however, is faced when it comes to their range. Most of these cars have a maximum range of 80-miles. From a family’s point of view, it is more practical and affordable to go for a car that offers more efficiency and lower emissions. It is true that electric car are the greenest cars, however, practicality is an issue which makers needs to address with respect to these.

  2. Hydrogen Fuel Cell Based Cars: Fuel cells based green cars are the best option. But the biggest obstacle is a proper fueling infrastructure which will take some more years to develop. Toyota is planning to put up the Mirai on roads by end of this year, and Honda is expected to follow shortly. It gives a hope that the problem of fuel stations will be sorted out soon.

  3. CNG Cars: CNG cars presented a conventional transitional energy substitute for higher emissions cars but the segment has reached a dead end recently. Honda will be soon discontinuing its CNG based Civic and no other auto major have plans to move ahead in this segment. Reason being, natural gas emits little more pollution than hybrid vehicles. Also, CNG tanks gear up a lot of space which decreases the cabin and trunk size.

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