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Tale of the Tesla Model S P85D...

28 August 2015, 03:35 PM

The Tesla Model S has performed way better than all its contemporaries and has overtaken the rating systems of some of the most reputed review magazines and portals. One of the major reasons being spoken behind its success is the “insane mode” incorporated by the Tesla Group. It is a special system installed in the AWD system that allows the electric car to attain an acceleration level equivalent to all supercars on this planet. The “insane mode” of the Tesla Model S P85D allows it to rush from 0-60mph speed mark within 3.5 seconds making it the fastest car in the world. There are cars with a faster accelerating power than this; however, this one holds special position for highly energy efficient even at such peak points.

Tesla Model S P85D

The Tesla car presents a short glimpse in the future and what more can be expected from upcoming line up of electric cars. It has surely inspired electric car makers across the world to strive harder and bring the performance and efficiency of their models to this level. The price, however, remains a little over-the-top with whooping six figures, but considering its performance it is worth it. The sedan gets energized by dual motors that deliver high performance while working on an all-wheel-drive system. It is capable enough to attain a top speed of 155mph; however, it is quote sane while passing speed limits and does not rush over rapid mode instantly. It has sensors that sense traffic around you and then decide the speed limit as per the traffic around you. The electric sedan is configured with 360 degrees supersonic sensors that act as the first line of safety for passengers. The software in this car can be upgraded from time to time.

Coming to the interior, the vehicle’s dash is embellished with a 17-inch in-built screen which is packed with features and systems. The base price declared for this electric sedan is $105K which makes it out of reach for many. But like we mentioned earlier, it has raised the challenging benchmark for other electric car makers in its zone, we are sure someone someday will definitely come with a similar design, same or rather higher speed and efficiency and a lower price.

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