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Important Green Car Safety Tips...

17 June 2015, 03:05 PM

The efficiency with which you drive your car defines how greener your way of driving is. The term ‘Green Car Safety Tips’ here refers to those small suggestions that can help in keeping your vehicle safe in an environment friendly way and increase its life and competence at the same time.  Start following these car safety tips today as these can play a significant role in reducing emissions, save money as well as a considerable amount of fuel on long as well as short trips.

  • Maintaining Correct Tyre Pressure- One of the most significant car safety tips, it is important to keep your tyres pumped with correct pressure. Not only this helps in keeping you safe and sound but also helps in reducing fuel wastage by 8-10 per cent.

  • Keep Your Windows Closed – Driving with open windows is not only unsafe but can also increase fuel wastage by 5 per cent. So, how about keeping your windows up and saving yourself from unwanted dust, noise, and fuel expenses.

  • Turn Off Car Heating And Air Conditioning Regularly – Believe it or not, it can bring a difference of 5-10% in your monthly fuel consumption. Try to keep some warm blankets in winters to keep yourself insulated, and for summers you may use open air vents or sunroofs in place of AC.

  • Keep Your Boot Empty – Excess of luggage not only increases the weight of your vehicle but also increases the costs of your fuel usage. Take out roof racks if you are not using those and other unwanted materials.

  • Regular Servicing – Not only for new cars, servicing is equally important for old cars as well. You can’t keep an eye on all small and minute disruptions occurring in your car systems. Avoiding them for a long time might be unsafe, so the best green car safety tip is to get your vehicle serviced regularly.

  • Choose To Cruise – Always try to select the least congested paths to your destination. Cars work more efficiently over smooth paths and higher cruising speed.

  • Smooth Drive – Higher gears always help in saving fuel. Try to stay away from stop-go kind of traffic conditions as much as possible and you will thrive in the greenest way over roads.

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