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Green Car Driving Tips...

21 April 2015, 05:20 PM

Green cars are the eco-friendly alternatives of internal combustion engined vehicles. The green cars are gradually becoming more efficient and economical than the conventional ones. The eco-friendly vehicles are in their development phase, though, some automakers introduced electric, hybrid and plug-in hybrid eco-friendly cars in global markets.

Due to lack of infrastructure and other challenges, we don’t have more green cars in India. However, a few simple car driving tips might help you to drive conventional (gasoline or diesel engined) vehicles with less emissions and more fuel efficiency. Your little efforts can make a big impact on the environment and your pocket/ budget, too.

Green car driving tips

Lighten-up some weight

Don't drive with unnecessary stuff or load in your car. It increases fuel consumption as extra weight causes more aerodynamic drag that makes the engine work harder to move the vehicle. Therefore, it’s suggested to remove unnecessary stuff from the car’s truck and back seat. Open sunroof and windows, too, do the same.

Maintain your car

Regular car maintenance can significantly improve fuel efficiency and performance of your car. The tire pressure, engine oil levels, fuel filter, air filter and other functional components need to be checked on regular basis.

Switch it off

Unlike the conventional engines, the advanced powertrains don’t require a warm-up before running on the roads. So don’t waste fuel for warming-up the engine, drive your car straightaway. Switch off the engine, if you get stuck in a jam or stopped by a red signal. Electric equipments like heated seats and air conditioning unit consume more energy, so switch them off when they are not needed.

Avoid hard braking and drive slow
Using cruise control will help you drive on a moderate speed and save fuel. The use of low gears is also discouraged by the experts, as it increases fuel consumption. Unnecessary hard or sudden braking, too, consumes more fuel, so try avoiding it.

Plan your journey
You can avoid unnecessary driving by planning a journey and route. Don’t drive during rush hours or on busy and uneven roads, if possible. Driving on a smooth road at steady speed will help you to get most out of your car.

Leave the car at home
An engine is most inefficient in cold weather. So, you can consider bicycling, walk or public transport for very short trips, and leaving the car at home.

Leave your bad driving habits

By changing certain driving habits, you can save your daily fuel expenses. Smooth and light acceleration, revving under 3000rpm with cruise control and driving on plain roads will certainly improve fuel efficiency of your car.

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