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All You Want To Know About Think City Electric Car...

15 January 2015, 05:30 PM

Electric cars are the talk of town. Every second car maker, or almost all of them, had rolled out their green cars in the recent past but some of them had only made way to our memories. One such example is the ‘Think City’ of Norway. However, many of us may not be well-versed with such an example of that country, but this venture of Think Global and Valmet Automotive rolled out their cars in countries like Unites States, United Kingdom, Spain, Netherlands, France, Finland, Switzerland, Austria, and of course its home country Norway.

Though, quite compact in size and a seating capacity of 2+2 made the think city electric car capable to sell in numbers. But it seems those numbers weren’t quite enough to save the auto maker’s financial grace. Soon after, in 2011 the company then started rolling off the sales-floor and by 2012 the last unit of it was produced with manufacturing unit ceased forever.

Apparently, it is a sad demise to see such useful green cars dying due to the lack of funds. To put those losses in terms of a mechanical perspective, underneath its hoods power was fueled by a 3-phase electric motor, which delivered an impressive 45.6 bhp with a maximum torque of 66lb-ft. On a single complete charge, it runs 100 miles with the ability to clock a maximum speed of 70 mph. For the braking needs, engineers had designed its stoppage accruement with discs at front and drum at rear. Even the Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) was provided as a standard feature.

Air conditioning, rear defogger, anti-theft security system, power mirrors, anti-theft security system were also a part of its standard features. Advancements like tire pressuring monitoring system, electric boot release, and airbags were for both – driver and passenger acted as an icing on the cake. Think City electric car curb weight was 1065 kg, and was made suitable to carry the passenger’s load up to 202 kg.

Since the fuel prices shooting up the sky, Think City Electric Cars are a viable option to opt for the daily commute. Notably, it is a known fact that these cars do have their own shortcomings, whereas their restrictions to drive-limit and lack of charging infrastructure are in the lead. But overcoming them would solve the problem and may encourage owning a one. The trend of such green cars in India have started nailing down the audience, and that Noddy’s car resembling Reva – turned to Mahindra e2o – which has now been sold on a wider scale. A better development on the infrastructure is assured to rake in more numbers. Also, for those who don’t wished to compromise, hybrid technology is a new statement for them.

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