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December 31, 2015 15:28

Facebook has come a long way since its humble origins as a college experiment at social-networking. Since then, it has expanded to become an integral part of daily life in a way that even when we want to, we can’t seem to shake it off. But we’re not here for the benefits and hazards of the social-networking platform. We’re here for CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s cars. Yes that’s correct, the young CEO, who is among the most powerful men in the world (not to mention the richest) sure has an interesting taste in automobiles.

There have been many cars in the Mark Zuckerberg car collection, but he’s been seen around in his girlfriend’s (now wife) Acura TSX. Essentially an Accord that’s been subject to some nifty badge engineering, the TSX is in Mark’s words, “safe, comfortable and not ostentatious.” The version that the young, billionaire-CEO uses gets a ton of goodies such as leather upholstery on the inside, a powered sun-roof and automatic climate controls. The TSX also comes with a high-fidelity, seven-speaker entertainment system complete with satellite radio and Bluetooth connectivity. It is also HandsFreeLink enabled to really get on with the calls when on the move.

The Honda Fit (Jazz, as it is known here in India) is a premium hatchback from the Japanese automaker and another one to make it to the list of Mark Zuckerberg’s cars. First launched back in 2001, the car has gone on to win rave reviews for its intelligent seating system, cavernous cabin (for a sub-compact), brilliant, fuss-free engine and the low-maintenance nature that Honda cars are known for. It serves the purpose in a nice, unobtrusive manner we’d say.

The Mark Zuckerberg car collection also includes a Volkswagen Golf GTi. An acclaimed driver’s delight, the Golf GTi is easily recognized as among the best handling small cars in the world. With accessorizing and tuning options galore, a well-fettled Golf will put cars many segments higher to shame on the streets and at the track.

Lately, there are rumours that the billionaire-CEO has splurged on a Pagani Huayra. If true, then the esoteric Italian hyper-car with its equally stratospheric 1.3 million dollar price-tag will be a special addition to the wonderful list of Mark Zuckerberg’s cars.

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