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Tips On Safe Off Roading...

03 January 2015, 12:05 PM

Owning a car means a few responsibilities come along with it too, the first and foremost being to know how to drive safe. Not only the life of the driver, but also many lives, both boarded on the car and on road are subject to fatal risks due to faulty driving skills.  Hence, it is necessary to follow car driving tips in India. While taking driving lessons, a person should learn by heart the basic traffic rules and signs, and implement the regulations on road. Along with these, the off-road driving tips are to be learnt well too to drive on paths, which are not essentially urbane or typically rural.

While the first tip is to learn the driving ethics, the second important tip is to learn to conserve fuel. Most cars today are green cars that conserve fuel and maintain the ecological balance. Third among the safe road driving tips, to keep a minimum distance from other vehicles and to not to overtake unnecessarily are must to avoid instances of rash driving and unprecedented incidents of accidents that follow. Fourth comes not to accelerate too much or use the brakes too suddenly because that increase the fuel consumption, can lead to accidents, and are detrimental for the health of the car. Fifthly, engine brakes should not be used, if not is an emergency, to stop the car. Sixthly, always use the hand brake and keep the tires aligned after stopping somewhere as this is necessary to keep the tires balanced.

Going for vacations in jungles that have four wheeler roadways or going for a short trip to a beach that allows driving on the beach are exotic, especially for people who love to drive. However, there are some car driving tips in India that should be followed to have a safe experience during the leisure trip:

  • The car should be a hardy one because once the journey is started, it is just the road and a journey on road should not be made on volatile grounds. Opt for cars that are high to avoid bumper shocks.

  • The mileage of the car should be good.

  • A full car check-up is advisable as one of the most important off road driving tips.

  • Keeping the stepney tire in good working condition and carrying a set of tool kit, a bottle of coolant and distilled water as well.

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