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Things To Know While Buying A Used Car...

23 April 2015, 11:29 AM

At a time when the Indian automobile industry is facing a slowdown, the used car market is growing double-fold and making automakers focus on the used car business. Buying a used car is a sensible choice. But, how to buy used car is a major challenge for the buyers. Here are some used car buying tips that will certainly make things easier for you.

How to buy used car?

Budget – Determining a budget is the most important decision. Once you decide the amount you can afford to spend for a used car, stick to it. 

Type of car – Once the budget gets fixed, the type or model of a car is what you need to be sure of. Select the type - hatchback, sedan, SUV or MPV - of the car that suits best to your requirements. 

Fuel Efficiency – Fuel efficiency is one of the most important things to check before buying a used car. Most common car buyers prefer to buy a fuel efficient car whether it’s a new model or a used one. The fuel economy of used cars, usually, is lower than their newer models, if they are maintained poorly by the previous owner.

Seller – An authorized dealer ensures reliable and better deal than the unauthorized or personal dealers. Most automakers like Maruti Suzuki, Hyundai, Honda and Toyota have their own used car centers, offering reliable services at reasonable prices.

Research – Do some research before buying a pre-owned car. You can check the online experts’ reviews or take suggestion from a friend or relative who already purchased a used car.

Check the vehicle – Once you select the model, check the history of the car such as age of the vehicle, distance travelled, original papers and certificates, ownership transfers etc.

Test Drive – Test drive will give you a fair idea about the car’s conditions such as engine performance, suspension system, handling and drivability.  It’s a more practical way to judge a car rather than believing on the facts mentioned by the dealer or people’s feedback.

Negotiate and finalize – If you find everything satisfying, close the deal. Don’t hesitate to negotiate with the dealer, he might offer you a better deal at fair price.

We hope that the above mentioned used car buying tips will help you make a smart choice.

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