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February 03, 2015 14:05

What a common person should do if he/she witnesses a car crash. Let’s go through a good collection of tips and advice on cars, and how to save a victim’s life. One must check the condition of victims and see how worse the situation is. Second, make sure that you inform emergency service people about the accident. They are professionals and know how to deal with any such situation. Unlike the proper belief, it is better not to move any victim’s body as you are not aware of their situation. Your simple acts even with good intentions can be very damaging to any person.

Also, call the police department. Even if the accident is very minor, it must be informed to the police. Be prepared to answer all the questions to the police like what, when, how and where the accident took place. Your answers should contain facts only. Obtain some important information about the accident scene. Acquire information like driver’s license numbers, driving license, name and phone number, etc.

Finally, after you have answered all the questions asked by police and have played your part as a responsible citizen, it is time to return to your place and relax. It must be noted that accident indicates to the fact that car drivers should follow the basic car care tips to avoid such happenings. They can also refer to necessary tips and advice for cars to be safe on roads.

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