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Simple Tips For Maintaining Cars Elegance And Shin...

14 July 2015, 02:39 PM

The grace with which your car rides over roads defines the level of commitment you have towards its maintenance. Apart from a few highly busy people, almost every car owner likes to dedicate some amount of time in taking care of their car and ensuring its newness is maintained for maximum amount of time. Below given are a few important car maintenance tips that might ensure an extended life and shine of your car:

  • Washing: One of the most important car maintenance tips that you will receive from every car expert. It is also one of the ways to ensure a lasting shimmer and shine of your car. All you need to spend an hour or so in every 15 days and you are good to go. A good car wash ensures removal of dust, spots, and salt deposits from car’s surface. Also, it happens to be a pre-requisite for waxing and polishing of a car. You cannot wax or polish a car unless it washed, cleaned, and dried.

  • Claying: It is true that thorough washing sessions help in maintaining the original gleam of the car for a long time, there are a few other contaminants that cannot be removed by simple washing. It is where auto claying comes as a solution. Detailing clay aids in removing even the most stubborn and sticky flaws from car’s surface. The result is an utterly smooth and spot free surface read for wax and polishing.

  • Polishing: Polishing is extremely important for lasting shimmer of a used as well as new car. It uses abrasive substances that remove the most damaged top layer of paint and forms a thin covering over the underneath paint to save it from unwanted dust and dirt.

  • Waxing: Last but never the least car care tip is to provide a good waxing session to your car. It helps in keeping the effect of polishing intact for long and preserves the outer beauty of the car for along long time. Waxing also plays an important role in saving the car’s surface from direct sunlight, scratches, rains, and deposition of salts, grime, and dust.

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