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Safe Driving Tips With Baby On Board...

28 May 2015, 06:30 PM

Driving with a baby on board is much more than a perfectly fitting baby seat. There are a few other interesting ways that can smooth your ride with them. Following set of pointers might be the best way to start with your baby special driving lessons:

Significance Of Snooze Time: Driving can be bliss for all those parents whose kids hit snooze as soon as the car hits the roads. So, the only baby on board driving tip for you is – try to make maximum out of your drive while your kid is napping so that rest of the time can be utilized for taking pictures, shopping, and changing diapers.

Back Up Plan: But what to do in a completely reverse situation? There is always a plan B for such kids. If your baby gets irritated by speed and movement of car, better carry set of distraction with you. The best tip for driving with such child; always carry some of her or his favorite toys, music, and edibles whenever you are on road. Never ever underestimate the importance of these accessories whether your trip is short or lengthy, as irritating and crying sounds might turn your short trip into the most lengthy and unbearable experience.

Sticking To Seat: Your baby likes pacifier? Good! Just attach a tether to her seat that clips binky to seat strap. It is one of the most important driving tips for all kind of on board babies. This system would make things easier as you wouldn’t have to dive down and fish dinky every time when baby drops it.

Work In Team: In case you are a new car driver, always see that you are accompanied by another adult as you are on road with baby. So, while you are focusing on road and steering, the other one keeps baby entertained. The two make a better team than one.

No Dining And Driving: Dining and driving with a baby is never an easy job. Always make a stop whenever its meal time, or your new car might turn into a huge mess and lots of wailing noises and irritating sounds. 

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