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Road Trip Essentials...

25 September 2015, 05:41 PM

It is imperative to get your vehicle prepared before leaving for a road trip in India. Here are a few road trip essentials that are recommended for all kind of road trips.

  1. Cash: In case, you are planning to take the tour of countryside, the most essential thing for this road trip would be lots of cash. It is quite plausible that ATMs might not be present in that area and plastic money doesn’t get accepted at every shop. Also, try to carry some loose change for expedient and quick payouts.

  2. Maps: One of the most important tip for all kind of road trips in India, try to do your homework before setting off. Maps are essential and it will be better to have GPS and Google Maps guidance along the way. Also, keep hard copies of maps in case other devices stop working.

  3. Charger: One of the most essential things for a road trip anywhere around the world. People often remember to carry their mobile phones but forget to place chargers in the car or SUV they are traveling in. Never ever do it especially when you are carrying a smart phone. Also, it is advised to carry one or two extra mobile handset, so that you are not stuck with one in case it gets discharged or has some fault.

  4. First Aid Kit: Make sure your car has all necessary medicines including band-aids, antacids, antipyretics, and travel sickness tablet, antiseptic creams, hemostatic agents, dressings, and adhesive bandages.

  5. Snacks And Drinking Water: Always keep your car packed with all kind of snacks and clean drinking water. Eatables should include things like energy bars, pretzels, dried fruits, and nuts. Also, see if you can carry the first meal as you start driving. Make healthy choices because change of place and temperature will tend to bring physical challenges. If you are not ready for them, chances are you will face health relates troubles.

  6. Some Good Music: if the road trip extend a few hours you might need some good music. Music can play a vital role in keeping you alert and entertained all the time.

  7. Pillow And Blanket: A special necessity especially when you are traveling with kids and senior members of family. Overnight drives must be accompanied by something like this.

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