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Mobile Phones And Driving – Safety Tips...

14 April 2015, 05:09 PM

Using mobile phone while driving a vehicle could be distracting or dangerous. Researches show that calling or answering on mobile phones causes slower reactions, less controlled braking and traffic lane drifting. When a driver uses a mobile phone, he or she is less tend to pay attention on the road and mirrors. It also affects driver’s ability to monitor and handle the vehicle in traffic. Here are some car driving tips that must be followed, if you use mobile phone while driving.

Mobile phones and driving safety tips

  • Know your mobile phone and its features: It’s important to know your mobile phone and its features such as automatic redial, memory, speed dial etc. If you are familiar with your phone’s keypad, you can easily use speed dial function with less distraction. You can get all the detailed information of your mobile in its instruction manual.

  • Use a hands-free device: Experts suggest that answering calls through hands-free devices is safer than using mobile phones. With the help of a hands-free device you can attend mobiles calls and communicate easily. It’s convenient, affordable and causes less distraction during driving the vehicle. There are several types of hands-free cell phone accessories such as Bluetooth headsets, personal navigation devices and hands-free car kits.

  • Keep your mobile phone within easy reach: Always keep your cell phone within easy reach. You can place it in the car’s mobile holder or cup holder space so that you can grab it without losing your focus from the road. If you receive a call in busy traffic situation, then let your voice mail answer it to the call.

  • Don’t use mobile phones during hazardous driving conditions: If you are driving in heavy city traffic or extreme weather conditions, it’s better not to answer the call. If it’s really important, then let the caller know that you are driving and will talk later. Experts strictly advocate not using mobile phones in hazardous driving conditions.

  • Dial carefully and assess the traffic: Don’t stop your car at red light or in a parking lot, if you want to make a call on the go. Try to call before starting your car or pulling into traffic.

  • Don’t engage in emotional or serious conversations: Avoid serious or emotional conversations while driving the car. Such conversations might distract your attention and cause accident or serious injury.

  • Use mobile phones only for help: You can use your mobile phone for asking help in emergency situations or extreme weather conditions. Otherwise, experts don’t suggest making or receiving calls while driving a vehicle.

For additional information about mobile phone and driving safety, you can search for car driving tips online.

Note: The above-given tips don’t advocate using mobile phone while driving. Pick up the call only if it’s highly unavoidable and that too after parking your car somewhere at a safer place. Have a safe driving.

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