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January 21, 2015 14:05

The most prominent problems that people face while driving in the night is that when a car comes from the other side with high beams, for a few moments you cannot see anything and makes you feel like blind. This problem is often faced by many of the drivers and this leads to plenty of accidents too. So with this description it would be clear to you that the night blindness while driving the car occurs when the bright light of the other car coming from the opposite side falls directly on your eyes. With complete darkness, you are in a tight corner to handle the situation. Therefore you need to learn some of the safe driving tips so that you can be responsive in such a situation and take quick action so that you avoid accidents that occur due to this. You can check out some of the car driving tips given below which would guide you on how to lessen night blindness while driving.

  • One of the effective measures to avoid night blindness to an extent is to use the glass frames, which have thin side frames. People are fascinated to thick frames, but while travelling in the night it is beneficial to use thin side frames.

  • On highways, where there are multiple lanes, choose the slow lane if there are chances of night blindness in the fast lanes. If the light beams coming from the opposite vehicles are high in the fast lane, then try to switch over to slow lane.

  • The most simple and effective way to avoid night blindness is drive slow where there is complete darkness. Ensure to follow the range of your headlight and don’t conceive things beyond that.

  • Avoid the light that is directly falling into your eyes as it would cause more of night blindness. A simple solution to this is to look around so that it could be avoided to an extent.

  • Age is also one of the factors to be considered. As older people need more light to see the objects in front of them, night driving should be avoided by them, and if there is an essentiality to drive in the night then they should drive slowly.

  • Often, the windshields are found to be dirty. This reduces the vision. The simple thing that a person should do is take off the dirt and clean the windshield from inside and outside to have a clear vision.

Once you learn how to lessen night blindness while driving from these safety driving tips and start implementing it, you would be able to feel the difference yourself.

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