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Car Driving Tips For Beginners And Learners...

30 July 2015, 09:34 AM

All those beginners going for car driving basics, remember, taking tips and suggestions is the first key towards sensible and responsible driving. The following set of pointers will help adding efficiency to your driver profile and maximizing others trust in your driving skills.

  • The first and most important car driving tip for beginners, a relaxed mind is the key to confident driving. So, try to keep irrelevant thoughts and anxieties at an arm’s length whenever you are driving in-between pool of cars in India.

  • Always get a good idea of the car you are attempting to drive. Take a better look at its system, brakes, steering style, how to shift gears, and clutch plate position for keeping car under control.

  • If you are yet to start with your ‘how to drive a car’ lessons, then the best key to stay ahead by observing other. Observe your mother, father, siblings, friends, see how they drive, apply brakes, whether they follow speed limits or not. Apart from learning what to do, keen observation can also help you know what not to do.

  • Whenever you are starting the car, always check whether your car is in neutral gear or not. Keep your acceleration smooth as you start moving; never press the accelerator too hard as you hit the road. It is the simplest short cut to accidents and collisions over blind turns.

  • Unless you are on a track, try to keep this fact in your mind that you are not standing in a car race. Slow and safe driving is the best style that will impress anyone who cares for you.

  • Never ever miss to take a look in rear view mirror before applying brakes or taking a side turn. Also check the distance between you and the cars behind you while turning; someone might be in a hurry to overtake without caring about bumping in you.

  • Always obey traffic rules and maintain a safe distance from the car moving in front of you. Stay away from changing lanes frequently and sudden jackdown or jackup of car.

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