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Multi-Car Insurance Options And Its Benefits...

20 February 2016, 03:36 PM

The market is replete with lucrative offers when it comes to car insurance options. Auto insurance is an aspect, which is a must for all vehicle owners. During such transactions, it is well-known that attractive discounts are on offer most of the time. However, much debate arises when it comes to the decision whether to go for multiple insurance options. There are a plethora of speculations and suggestions about how to get the best deals on such multiple vehicle insurance options and how to put them to use judiciously. A number of companies offer these multiple car insurance options, which are aimed at those households, which run a number of cars. Car insurance in India might be a dicey affair if not opted for wisely. However, if the aspects are taken into account judiciously, it is easier to get a good deal on such insurances. A number of types of auto insurance in India are on offer, which provides hassle-free insurance options to customers around the country.

The cost of car insurance has been raised several manifolds in the recent generation. Several aspects have contributed to the rise of premium, be it the dwindling economy or the stiffer market rates. On the contrary, it is quite an expensive affair nowadays to get the perfect insurance for your car. However, the cost is nothing as compared to the safety and policy cover on your vehicles. It is thus better to go for discounted premium whenever possible to get the best rates. It is though, an interesting inference that the combined premium cover might not be the least whenever you are going for such a deal.

The first question that might come up across to laymen is what multiple auto insurance is, in the first place. Multi-car insurance options are valid for those people who have more than a single car in a single family or for that matter in a single organisation. As a matter of fact, the discount percentage goes higher whenever you bring in another car inside the policy cover. For example, if you have started off with a single car and then bring in a second model, a discount will be applied on the first as well as the second. Likewise, if you introduce a third car, the discount percentage is simultaneously adjusted to all the three cars. The best advantage comes at the time of renewal. Instead of renewing the policies individually, all the policies are renewed at a single go. A number of such types of car insurance in India are offered by different auto agents. Not all insurance agents offer the same types of auto insurance in India. This is why it is better to make a thorough study before opting for a particular one.

The biggest aspect that remains unanswered is how these insurance agents work. Almost all insurers have this provision of offering insurance options to cars, which are tagged to the same address under the same umbrella policy. The cars might be registered under the names of different owners or drivers. Even if the cars have been purchased at a different point of time and not simultaneously, they might be covered under the same policy. The only criteria for these to qualify for the multi-insurance option, is the fact that they are tagged at the same residential address.

A question that arises in the minds of most is how this option helps the owner of cars. There are several benefits when it comes to the families who have multiple cars. First and foremost, they do not have to keep a track of the insurance premium even if the different cars have been bought years apart. All the facts and paperwork are covered within a single document and can be maintained at a single go. Secondly, suppose there are two cars in a family and at some point of time, one of them is taken to other places for usage by a family member while staying in a different city. There is no requirement of maintaining a separate insurance policy in such a case and both the cars are covered no matter how far apart the cars are being used. Lastly, the best aspect is that the number of cars that are covered within this policy generally ranges from two to five, thus giving quite some leverage to multiple-car owners.

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