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Is Leasing Your Car A Good Option...

25 January 2015, 12:05 PM

There are so many negative comments on leasing a car that a person has to think twice whether going for this move. The confused car buyers need to learn about the benefits of car finance in India and facts so that they can wisely decide whether they have to buy or lease their next car. If you are planning for leasing options, the first thing you should do is to learn to make a smart bargain with the dealer so that you can get a smart deal for the car that you are planning to lease. Here are some of the car financing tips that can help you in getting a right option for you.

If you are planning to look for a car loan, then check out the interest rate and calculate the amount that you would repay at the end of the term of the loan and calculate the total amount that you would have paid for the car. The amount that you repay is absolutely shelved from your own pocket. Now calculate the amount that you would pay when you are planning to lease your car. Check out the interest rate and the subsidized lease rate. When you calculate the amount that you paid in each case you would be able to determine which deal is beneficial to you. Of course in the lease option you save some extra amount of repayment.

You can check out some of the car leasing tips to get more ideas on how leasing is a better option. There are some methods of negotiating which would get you good loan. You have to check out the capitalized factor, the money factor and the residual value in order to negotiate a good lease. The car leasing tips would give a clear idea on all these aspects. You can compare some of the wonderful leasing options that are available online and choose the best one for yourself.

It must be noted that the leasing amount that you repay on monthly basis can be shown as an expense in your business, which in turn would get you tax rebate. The only tax that you have to pay in on the sale of the vehicle, which is the sales tax. This is obviously lesser than that of the purchase value of the car. You can check out for various car loan options and decide the term for which you are looking for lease.

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