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Toyota App That Helps Drivers In Finding Restrooms...

28 June 2015, 10:05 AM

Long distance travelling is usually a series of pain and discomforts for people with special needs and disabilities. And the biggest challenge is to find restroom in nearest locality. People with these types of travelling requirements need not worry as the world of automobile technology is already on to it. Toyota recently developed an app named Restroom Finder that will help drivers in locating restrooms in their vicinity. The app will work in conjugation with Lexus G-Link telematics systems and Toyota T-Connect and will be covering restrooms located over public roads and highways.

The Toyota app for finding restrooms will be providing all basic information about restrooms, ease of access to a very wide service area. Currently, it offers information only about three prefectures located in Tokai region. The application will also direct you to take the most suitable path to the nearest location.

Installed in a number of Toyota cars, the Restroom Finder can easily filters information related to the kind of service user needs. The various categories include diaper-changing tables, ostomate facilities, care beds, handrails, and so on. Users can easily view in-detail information about facilities and decide which one fits their parameters for search. In case, the destination is already added in the initial navigation screen then the app will automatically add information about all restrooms falling on your route and necessary details about them.

The factors covered by Toyota app with respect to facility accessibility are:

  • Basic information such as holidays, opening hours, etc.

  • Maps and plans of service station.

  • Number of disabled parking berths available.

  • Absence or presence of shed over disabled parking berths.

  • Exact location of restrooms for people with special needs

  • Level of access between special need restrooms and car parking.

Major points included under the information covered for restroom accessibility are:

  • Entrance steps and their slopes, size, etc.

  • Type of entrance door whether it is sliding, hinged, or automatic.

  • Width of entrance door.

  • Type of handrails available.

  • Toilet type.

  • Whether backrest is available or not.

  • If warm water shower-toilet is available or not.

  • Type of flush.

  • Presence or absence of ostomate facilities, care beds, emergency buttons, and diaper changing tables.

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