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Top 5 Upcoming Automobile Technologies...

06 May 2015, 04:05 PM

If you believe that your new car model is laced with latest equipment and nothing can beat it in next 5 years, then take a pause, and try to give a short glance to this article. There is a huge wave of automobile technology coming to transform your driving experience and take car riding to a completely new level. These may completely change your imagination about how standard car models would look in 2020:

  • Driver Override Systems – One of the most talked about automobile technologies, it refers to the autonomous nature of cars in a slightly surprising manner. Under this system, your car will be free to get indifferent to your commands and make its own decisions as-and-when required. It means that your car may come to halt even when you have floored the accelerator is touching the floor.

  • Biometric Vehicle Access – Your latest cell phone security systems may get applied to your car doors in coming years. It means you may start-stop or lock-unlock your car just with your fingerprints or eyeballs.

  • Driver-Monitoring System – Humans are susceptible to so many problems such as illness, exhaustions, diseases, anxiety, and fear. A system that keeps track of driver’s vital information like eye movement, brain activity, heart rate or blood pressure needs to be developed. This necessity is being taken cared by several leading research teams in and might become a regular feature in new car models by 2020.

  • Remote Vehicle Shutdown – Though this technology is already in use by a few high-level security services, in next five years, it is bound to enter social threads and might become a standard feature in all cars.

  • Reconfigurable Body Panels – The demand of compact vehicles is increasing with every passing day while large vehicles are registering steep growth in sales figures. Ever imagined what you would do if USPs of both these automobiles were possessed by a single vehicle. A vehicle that would turn into a compact SUV by retracting roof and side glasses inside lower panels. In case, it is one of your prime fantasies, sit tight, because it is going to become a reality in few years from now.


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