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New Technology In Cars: Fiats Multiair Valve Lift ...

21 January 2015, 12:27 PM

The increase in petrol prices has lead to the transformation of gas cars, and in-turn asked the auto makers to use new technology in cars, which would increase the efficiency of engines. When we talk about this, a person has to learn about the shortcoming in the previous generation models. The throttle plate present in the intake passage creates a constraint in the cylinder's air feeds. This is known as the pumping losses. This shortcoming of the old system was tried to overcome as this would save some percentage of energy.

Fiat has produced such technology, which would overcome these pumping losses. Throttling the engine in the intake valves where the pick-up and time taken to open the valve to control the engine are adjusted. The fiat’s multiair valve lift system is a simple system based on the principles of valvetronic. Here the hydraulic liquid runs through the tapered channel and it is connected to the valves and camshaft. This system is revised by a solenoid, which is electronically controlled.

You should be clear by now that there are two modes. As the solenoid closes, the hydraulic liquid, which is incompressible, flows and the difference is seen in the intake-cam. As the solenoid opens again, the oil circumvents the channel, decoupling the valve. Immediately the valve tends to close with the pressure. The reason is that the valves are prepared to close down quickly with the use of this new technology in cars. This is successfully seen, where the solenoid would be closed at first, then the passage of intake-cam would open. The technique is employed between the closing and opening of the passage.

The technique is all about perfect timing. Fiat has meticulously enhanced the receptiveness of the electronic controls. The whole working is designed so as to improve the working so that there is an economic use of fuel and the emissions are also controlled to a greater extent. This also provides other spill over benefits such as boost in the horsepower by around 10 per cent. The duration of the opening and closing of the valve are adjusted to provide perfect acceleration, which would augment the increasing rate of usage of the fuel in the car when this new system called the fiat’s multiair valve lift system is incorporated.

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