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Maruti Suzukis Boosterjet DI Turbo Jet Engine...

29 June 2015, 03:30 PM

Suzuki recently unveiled its latest 1.4-litre Boosterjet DI turbocharged petrol engine at the 2015 Shanghai Auto. Blessed with the latest car engine technology, this one is yet to hit international markets. The Japanese auto giant wants to test it over Chinese cars initially, once it proves its worth with these cars it will be sent to other markets. Despite the unveiling, Suzuki hasn’t released technical specifications. For a fair idea the company has released a preview video that speaks about its salient features in a specific manner. The 4-pot, 16 valve power plant with dual overhead camshafts claims an extraordinary performance without affecting the fuel economy of vehicle.

Its efficient combustion is supported by direction injection technique and an optimized tumble flow in its cylinder head. The turbochargers with waste gate, on the contrary, help in achieving higher torque and power figures even at lower RPMs. The fuel injectors with six holes get enough support from highly pressurized fuel pumps that offer sufficient fuel atomization right before it enters combustion chamber.

Suzuki’s 1.4-litre Boosterjet Direct Injection turbo petrol engine is a lightweight motor with compact design with optimized design and configuration. Its compactness supports its employment in even smallest of cars and improves their efficiency without affecting mileage. It is expected to reach Indian markets in coming years in almost all Maruti Suzuki cars. Maruti SUVs seem prime candidates for this engine. The 1.0-litre, 3-cylinder motor, the first member of this family is expected to enter Indian markets by end of this year with YRA premium hatchback.

In terms of potential, Boosterjet DI turbocharged petrol engine has great scope in Indian market. India is desperately attempting to set pace with European markets in terms of vehicle emissions and enhance environmental friendliness of our transport system.  The higher efficiency and mileage offered by this engine will definitely help our country in moving a step ahead in this respect.

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