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Hyundai Blue Link Operating System...

01 September 2015, 01:21 PM

The Hyundai Blue Link Operating System recently made its debut with the 2015 Hyundai Sonata. What makes it worth discussion? It is not every day that someone tries to bring Google and Android under the same roof or rather sunroof. The mid-size Hyundai car sports both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in its infotainment console along with its own Blue Link along with a navigation system. The South Korean auto giant has done a prolific job and even received the Best Car Tech award at the 2015 CES. The biggest highlight of this automobile technology is that it allows the user to start the car just from their smart watch and sound of their voice.

So, what exactly is the Hyundai Blue Link System? It is a platform that allows car drivers to connect their smartphones with their cars. Currently, the 2 major operating systems that are being used for this purpose are Android and iOS. The Hyundai Blue Link system is an amalgamation of both. It allows you to start the vehicle, lock and unlock the doors, activate lights or even blow horn right from your phone as well as web. Hyundai is offering this automobile technology for 90-day trial only by paying an amount of $99.

In case, it takes you lot of time to figure out your car than the app also offers a ‘find your car’ feature. In case of theft, the application can also aid the police in locating your vehicle and getting it stopped. Hyundai’s Blue Link System also comes with a little-complex guidance package that can help with destination search in same price. This one is powered by Google and it claims some excellence in that segment. Since it allows you to connect your car with your phone and computer, you can easily send the searched addresses to your car and eliminate the need to re-feed the same address to car’s system.

Despite the availability, you may never implement the Blue Link maps as the system also comes equipped with Google and Apple maps which are quite in trend and far more updated. As soon as you plug-in your phone in the car, you can stop getting distracted by the phone and let the car’s system take care of your communication needs. Both the Android Auto and Apply CarPlay play their roles well and work quite smartly. And the cherry on the cake, the company isn’t imposing this system over anyone. As a buyer you are free to choose or reject it.

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