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Eye Tracking Car Technology to Keep Drivers From F...

28 May 2015, 03:21 PM

While the world is hell bent on discovering flying and driverless cars, a part of automobile world is trying to focus on present day problems. Do you know that a considerable percentage of road accidents happen due to drivers falling asleep on wheels? The new eye tracking car technology is developed to keep a check over dozing drivers and keep them from falling asleep over the wheel. It is a commendable effort with respect to improving driver’s skills and stamina

Seeing Machines is an Australian company that has come up with an amazing driver monitoring system. This system utilizes built-in cameras and infrared lights that extract necessary information from captured images. The installed program would be keeping an eye over your vision and head’s position. The camera captures 60 frames per second which explains the accuracy of vigilance.

A prototype of this fascinating automobile technology was showcased by its maker by installing the system in a Jaguar F-type. The system was able to track down driver’s situation flawlessly even through the sunglasses. The device has been developed as part of Advance Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) that will soon become part of all new cars. The devices prepared under this ADAS mainly work to reduce collision related situation through sensors that are befitted in different parts of vehicle.

The eye-tracking car technology is already making its way through mainstream markets. As per reports, it has already been installed in over 4000 new cars and will also become a standard part of commercial trucks, mining floors, and heavy equipment. Its effects have already started appearing, as per its maker, installation of this automobile technology in mining floors decreased distraction and driver fatigue by 70%. When the driver shows lack of focus consistently, it rings an alarm and vibrates the seat to get his attention. It also remains connected with wireless networks that send an instant alert to site managers about the driver. 

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