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Chevrolet Mylink Car Technology...

27 May 2015, 05:35 PM

There is no denial to the fact that the advent of touch screens has lead to a great of leap of evolution in terms of infotainment system. These gadgets are no more limited to being CD changers but are becoming a reflection of smart phones. Chevrolet’s Mylink vehicle technology is an apt example of that. It’s a nifty gadget that has been a part of Chevrolet cars in India and abroad in recent years. The application permits live streaming of phone applications in it while they are still functioning on the phone. Here, the smart phone works like a modem that connects car’s system with online world through its net connectivity.

What are the benefits of it? For the starters, the Chevrolet Mylink Vehicle technology allows you to take a break from your phones and concentrate over roads and steering wheel. So, no more distracted driving. It is a youth-oriented automobile technology that serves their interests and plays a significant role in making driving a safer experience. The makers have been smart about its placement over dashboard, the 7” screen neither too low to distract you from road nor too high to catch sun glare. The placement is a neat strategy to reduce daily struggles that drivers face with regular infotainment systems.

The software is a complete package that includes major systems like radio, stereo player, Bluetooth, USB ports, navigation, TuneIn, movie player, etc. Its access is totally customizable which means you may choose your flavor of apps based on your phone type whether it’s a windows phone, iPhone, or an android. For android users there is a special treat, as they can simply operate the complete system with Bluetooth. The iPhone users, on the contrary, may have to rely on USB cable for this prupose. 

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