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Armadillo – An Innovative Electric Car...

05 February 2015, 12:59 PM

Imagine a car that folds itself and then rolls down to parking. Sounds interesting but somewhat fictitious, right? But, when it comes to car technology, it is better to check it twice whether you are just dreaming, or it has some truth. Armadillo is the car, which has been prepared by researchers on this technology from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). The concept of the compact car and electric car is not new, but combining both of them in a single model and then taking it to a new level is what that defines KAIST’s Armadillo electric car.

Earlier, several Japanese and European automobile manufacturers took their turn building urban electric cars. And now, it is South Korea’s turn, and they surely did a unique job. This electric car with new car technology, just like Hiriko, can fold itself to make parking much easier and also occupies lesser space. Now, here comes the difference between both the cars. Hiriko’s concept of folding means bringing rear and front wheels close. On the other hand, Armadillo electric car lifts its rear wheels above from the ground and lowers a set of castors located in the middle of the car to the ground. The car has a 13.6 kWh battery present in the first half of the car that after folding itself gets shortened to 65 inches from 110 inches.

Armadillo electric car is a light-weighted vehicle, weighing around just 990 pounds. The electric car takes only 10 minutes for charging itself and can then covers over 60 miles. Though, the speed of the vehicle is only 37 miles per hour, which is not sufficient enough for a car to run on roads but it is more than sufficient to run in an urban area. Apart from folding, there is another mind blowing feature of this car. This electric car doesn’t have the usual side mirrors. In place of them, the researchers have installed side view cameras that help the driver to get a thorough idea of the car’s surroundings.

The car though is not enough to bring any significant change, but it surely is a sincere effort by the Korean scientists. Industry experts are of a view that this new automobile technology in cars will provide a wonderful platform for further research work to the rest of the world. 

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