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May 08, 2015 18:05

There has been a rise in interest over car-mounted cameras since several studies proved their significance in ensuring driver’s safety. Among all the tools that have been developed, it is Fujitsu that answered the call. The company brought-in a 360-degree wrap-around video imaging technology that gives access to a 360-degree wrap-around view of the vehicle. It is basically a driver-assistance technique that enables a peripheral view of surroundings to the driver. It mainly assists in all sorts of driving situations like blind-spots, tuning, passing, as well as parking. The three tasks demand a multitude of visual checks around vehicle’s perimeter. The conventional technology i.e. “bird-eye’s view only is capable of fabricating only 2-D images that are not always helpful.

Fujitsu’s research team addressed this problem by creating a camera that develops 3D images of surroundings and presents to the driver. The 360-degree wrap-around video imaging technology is one of the best automobile technologies to be ever developed in this domain. It uses an advanced set of algorithms for synthesizing images that are received by four cameras located on outer front of the automobile. It carries a unique ability to provide a dynamic perspective of looking at things which may be called the “free eye point’.

The “free eye point” allows their designer to select most optimum perspective and project the best possible images from multiple angles to the driver. The practical application of this technique will remove the concept of blind spots by offering a much superior visual assistance during bad weather, in tough terrains, rough patches, etc. Its major applications include camera systems to assist driver’s vision, reverse cameras, and parking aid. Fujitsu released this software for commercial usage in America long back; it is expected to soon make its way through all upcoming new car models. 

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