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Top Car Accessories For Women On Wheels...

04 March 2015, 05:40 PM

Cars are among a very few things that are loved equally by men and women. Though there could be difference of opinion and choices about the design, colours and accessories. While most men may not be too choosy about car accessories, woman drivers, around the world, love accessorizing their cars to make them look more attractive and sexy. That is probably the reason why there is a whole bunch of women car accessories in the market. Here’s a list of popular car accessories for women on wheels.

Security Devices: Safety is an important concern for women drivers. The car safety devices can be used for surveillance, theft protection, tracking stolen vehicle, emergency assistance and two-way communication. Security devices are one of the most important and useful car accessories for women in India and elsewhere.

Dual USB Car Charger: Dual USB charger will keep all your batteries charged and provide uninterrupted connectivity, via a laptop, tablet or a smartphone, on the go. You can receive emails and keep yourself up to date with social media, even if you have forgotten to charge them at home.  You can make calls and ask for help in times of emergency or accidents.

Car Audio System: Everyone loves listening music on the go. An audio system with screen and quality speakers can make your journey more relaxing and enjoyable.

Bluetooth iPhone Snap-in adaptor: Most new cars come with Bluetooth connectivity that supports iOS devices for music and phone calls. If your car doesn’t have any sort of Bluetooth iPhone or iPod integration, then the iPhone Snap-in adaptor will be a great buy for you. It enables using navigation, playing music and making phone calls.

Headrest Tablet Holder: A headrest tablet holder can be attached to the headrest of the front seat. So, you can enjoy a movie, at back seat, while other one is driving.

Car Visor Organizer: The car visor organizer is quite a useful car accessory for women. It can hold their make-up or day-to-day practical items such as Blutooth headset, charger, perfume etc. You can keep important items that you usually forget to pick, while rushing for office or a party.

Purse Stringz: Purse Stringz is one of the most practical car accessories for girls. It allows you to access your belongings easily and ensures that your purse and its contents don’t fall on the car’s floor.

Fancy seat or steering covers: You can accessorize your car with fancy seats or steering covers. These cool car accessories are available in a wide range of design, patterns and colors. Anti-fading fabric seat cover with universal design will make a great choice. Choose a steering wheel cover that has a comfortable grip. Make sure it keeps the steering warm in winter and cool in summer.


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