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Top 7 Must-Have Car Accessories For Dog Lovers...

05 May 2015, 12:32 PM

‘Wherever you go..they follow’ –  the statement seems enough to define unconditional affinity of these adorable tail-waggers.  Here is a list of car accessories that can definitely help in improving ride experience for both you and your canine.

  • Pet Ramp - A boon for those who pet heavier breeds like Golden Retriever, Labrador, Mastiffs, and Rottweiler. Pet ramps are counted among one of the most sought after dog lover car accessories. They work for both heavy and sick canines.

  • Waterproof Rear Seat Hammocks – Removing dog furs from fabric upholstery is a painful task even if you are using a vacuum cleaner regularly. Waterproof rear seat hammocks can be of great use in preventing furs from spreading in your car. The water proof ones provide an upper hand in case of accidents and diseased dogs.

  • Pet Bed – Another fan favorite from car accessories list, pet beds can help in fixing a designated area where your dog may lay down and relax during long drives. Even if you have a seat cover, make sure you carry a dog bed whenever you take them with you over long trips.

  • Anxiety Shirt – While most dogs express happiness and excitement over prospect of road trips, some might grow anxious or have panic attacks in cars. Anxiety shirts can be of great help under such condition and keep them under control while you focus on road.

  • First Aid Kit For Pets- An emergency assistance, these are mandatory for those who carry their pets everywhere they go. This kit can help in addressing minor injuries with emergency blankets, cold packs, bandages, antiseptic wipes, gauze, tweezers, and manuals with primary treatment directions.

  • Pet Safety Barrier – Safety barriers can be of great use in keeping you and your dog safe. These pressure mounted barriers will help in keeping your dog in luggage area of your van, wagon, or SUV.

  • Portable Dog Water Bottle – One of the coolest car accessories for dog lovers, these are special water dispensers with attached cups. These dispensers are flexible and can be held open or kept on ground as per your dog’s mood and preference.


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