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October 15, 2015 16:30

Other than a toddler car seat, there are a number of other essential car accessories that a mom with toddler must know about. Here are top 5 best car accessories for mom with toddlers should have with them whenever they plan to take a trip around the town with their bundle of joy.

  1. Covers For Car Seats: One of the best ways to keep your car seats safe from spills and stains is to wrap them with good seat covers. These can be availed in different stuff that varies from soft cotton to rugged ones. It is highly suggested to avoid leather as these cannot be cleaned easily.

  2. Glove Compartment Organizer: Remember that feeling when you have to pull over and fish out your registration papers through a pile of hack. It seems like finding a needle from hay stack, doesn’t it? And the worse when your toddler in the rear infant seat is cranky and quibbling. A glove compartment organizer might come handy under such conditions.

  3. Activity Kit: This one is especially for those moms whose kids are allergic to snooze in vehicles. You can always prepare a DIY entertainment kit for the child which will keep him or her busy while you focus on road. A highly useful accessory for long rides and traffic stricken roads.

  4. Trunk Organizer: Remember that big empty space in rear of your SUV or MPV where you stack everything without looking back? It can be very tedious to find something important especially where your kid is accompanying you. Use small cardboard cartons to categorize the things and keep them divided in boxes. A small measure which will save loads of time whenever you need to find anything.

  5. Car Floor Mats: Having car floor mats will save your floor from all kind of spills and dirty shoes stains.


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