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Top 5 Car Accessories That You Can Buy Online...

14 July 2015, 03:30 PM

If you belong to that group of crazy freaks who consider their car just like their family and would do anything to ensure its good health and well-being, here are some cool accessories that might help you in keeping them in shape for a good amount of time.

  1. Portable High Power Vacuum Cleaner: Considering the road and traffic conditions in India, it is no surprise that your car may ask for cleaning on a weekly basis. The solution to this problem is a handy high power vacuum cleaner that can clean the cabin silently without gearing much space. One of the most searched and bought online car accessories, portable vacuum cleaners can be easily bought from any online store. These are small in size and easy to move in the most complicated corners of the car.

  2. Rubber Foot Mat: Rubber foot mats play a huge role in keeping the cabin’s floor clean. It gets listed in top 5 car accessories as these small accessories are easy to find and cheaper to buy over online stores. Their pricing starts from Rs.599 onwards.

  3. Car Cover: One of the most common accessories that owned by almost every car owner. In case you don’t have one, go for one now as these play very important role in preserving the cosmetic beauty of your vehicle on outer as well as inner end. Covers keep your cars safe from dust, excessive heat, unwanted clutter falling from here and there, scratches, etc.

  4. Car Air Compressor: Tires have the most unpredictable nature and you never know where they might leave you stranded. You may or may not have a mechanic near you at any point. The best precaution for such conditions is to keep a small air compressor in your car. One of the coolest online car accessories, these can be placed anywhere in the car without loss of any considerable space.

  5. Paint Sprayer: Another essential car accessory available over almost all online stores. Paint sprayers are best when you get any kind of unwanted scratch or scruff over your vehicle and you do not have enough budget to get it fixed. These work best over used cars. The best thing about these sprays is that they do not ask for much maintenance and can be applied at the rate of 7.61gph on some trims.


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