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HID Headlamps: Pros And Cons...

17 June 2015, 01:37 PM

If you ever noticed those cars with extra bright headlights that seem almost blue, then you know what we are talking about. These lights are known as HID lights and can be purchased from any premium luxury car dealer. HID here stands for High-Intensity Discharge. They have been into play for more than 2 decades now and are known for emitting better light than the widely used Halogen lamps. The regular halogen lights make use of filaments to give away a light yellow light, HID headlamp, on the contrary, work as fluorescent lights. Electricity in these passes through a gas such as Xenon to create an intense blue-white light. The lights have been part of almost all old and new cars until LED lights showed up. Like any other exterior car accessory, these too bear certain characteristics that may be classified as pros and cons. For a better look, let’s find out.

Pros Of HID Headlamps:

  • One of the biggest advantages that HID headlights hold over other lights is that the bright blue light emitted from these lamps is very bright and enhances night time visibility by hundred fold.

  • On account of their brightness and better night time visibility, HID lights are counted among the most widely sorted out car accessories in India.

  • They play a significant role in ensuring drivers safety after dark.

Cons Of HID Lamps

  • In case you are standing over the receiving end of HID lights, you might feel irritated with their intensity and extra brightness.

  • The biggest issue with light is their poor performance in foggy weather. Blue lights have a tendency to spread in a much wider fashion with water. Therefore, driving with HID headlights in fog might be a great pain.

  • HID headlights are known for shooting sharp beam of light rather than fading out gradually. As per some drivers, it might need some time to get used to them.

  • And last but not the least, HID lights are pretty expensive. Their replacement and repair might cost you much more than a regular halogen light.

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