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Car Accessories For Monsoons...

08 July 2015, 12:55 PM

Monsoons refer to those months of the year when showers from the sky soak us and every other thing around us turns green. But the season also comes with certain dangers that require you to stay attentive and take precautionary actions. Following is a list of essential car accessories that might need a check before you hit roads for a drive during rainy season.

  • Tyres: One of the most important car accessories that needs attention during monsoons. Your tyres must be in good health and bear sufficient tread depth. The correct tread pattern is the only thing that will ensure your safety in pouring waters. Water over the tarmac actually gets expelled through treads over tyres and prevents aquaplaning. Therefore, you need to make sure that the treads are enough deep for the process. For this purpose, you may use a coin and measure the depth, on a normal scale it should be somewhat between 3-5mm.

  • Washer Wiper: Whether the one you owning is a new car or an old car, make sure its wipers and washers are of good quality. Wiper blades tend to get hard and covered with traffic dust with time. The dirt and oil accumulated over your windscreen might be the other reason for their degradation. If this is the scenario, make sure these are washed with soap solution and cleaned before rainy season. Once you are done with cleaning them, take a trial and see whether they will support you during monsoons or not.

  • Lights: Lights get counted as both cars’ exterior and interior accessory that needs care before monsoon steps in.  These are also counted among the most important monsoon accessories that need to stay in position for safe driving. Always check the bulbs quality, and see if you can get your vehicle fixed with auxiliary lights.  Go for yellow lights as they offer a better contrast. Also, get your fog lights in pace as these will be of great use in morning fogs.

  • Mud Flaps: What you leave behind while driving is equally important to what you are driving into. Nobody likes to follow a car that sprays loads of mud and dirty water behind it. Also, it might be dangerous and lead to accidents. Always ensure there are mud flaps over all four wheels before you begin your journey. Safe driving also means responsible driving, never forget that.


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