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A Handy Guide To The Top Car Accessories For Babie...

12 December 2015, 10:05 AM

When you’re travelling with a baby by car, things can change from calm to chaotic is less than the time it takes for you to hit sixty on the speedo. Whether it is a quick spin to the supermarket for the weekly shopping or a leisurely road trip with your baby, it is best to be prepared. The handy guide below on the top car accessories for babies should have you tripping along like a pro.

Sun-Blinds: Baby skin is sensitive and can react quite harshly to the heat. Even with the air-conditioner running, sun rays can cause a great amount of discomfort to your child. Always ensure that you have a suitable blind on the window adjacent to your baby. This is even more important in light of sun-films being banned on new cars.

Keep snacks handy: A well-fed baby will always be a happy tripper. Rather than having to fish around for the snacks packed away deep within the baby’s hamper, keep small snack packs handy around the car. This way, you’ll be able to calm them down before it gets out of hand.

Child Seats: Most people let their children run amok in the car, not realizing the folly of their decision until it is too late. Seat-belts in cars are for adults. it is therefore wise to invest in a quality, age-appropriate child seat to make sure they are properly seated when traveling. These days, most new cars come with isofix mounts, so pick a child seat that is compatible with them.

Pacifiers: When traveling with infants, keep more than one pacifier within arms reach. Babies tend to drop their pacifiers and it is highly impractical to sterilize it in a moving car. Having backups means that you’re always covered on that front.

Waste Bag: Used tissues, food wrappers, diaper disposals - one can generate a fair amount of waste when traveling by car. Having a dedicated waste bag handy means that you don’t have to go around searching for one, or stowing things away in places where you shouldn’t.

Seat Organizers: Organizers that fit onto the seat backs can be a huge help in keeping things from going out of hand in the car. Feeding bottles, backup pacifiers, and other baby paraphernalia can be neatly kept and remains accessible as and when needed.

Babies can make for wonderful trip companions. With a little bit of forward planning, some training and bringing along some top car accessories for babies, you can all be happy troopers in the car.

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