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5 Must Have Car Ac...

July 29, 2015 12:45

Our cars are basically the extension of our home, since we spend so much in our cars. So they need that much caring too. Car interior accessories are important, and they give a welcoming vibe to whoever enters the car.  There are several car exterior accessories available in the market like car cover, grille guard and others to keep your car safe. While there are multiple car accessories in India, here’s a list of 5 must have car accessories.

  • Remote Locking System, Gear Locks and Steering Locks: There are several devices available to avert car thieves, but these three are the most essential ones. A remote locking system avoids the need for an ignition key to lock the car. Adding to it, this system also sets anti-theft alarms while locking the car. Gear locks clinch the car into a set gear until one can unlock it. The steering locks prevent the steering from turning.

  • Puncture repair kit: This car accessory will allow you to fix a punctured tyre without waiting for professional service, but the puncture repair kit cannot repair a blow out. The kit comprises of a spiral tool, inserting tool, rubber cement, puncture seals and a blade.

  • Car cover: A car cover will keep your car dirt and dust free when parked besides, rain, sunlight and other elements. While the fabric cover is effective indoors, a water-resistant cover with a soft linner lining will do things for outdoors.

  • All-weather mats: All weather mats are made of rubber and has rubber grooves underside, which will help you to keep the car floor clean.

  • Seat Covers and Air fresheners: Car seat covers protect the seats and also enhance the overall comfort and aesthetics of the interiors. The seat covers do not heat up very easily and can be dry cleaned easily. Air fresheners and perfumes keep your car cabin smelling good. The air fresheners include can style fresheners, cardboard fresheners, oil wick and aerosol sprays.

One can buy the above mentioned must have car accessories in India through different stores or online portals.

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