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5 Essential Travel Accessories...

12 October 2015, 10:56 PM

A road trip to countryside is the best thing about weekends and short breaks. In case, the vacation lasts for more than 3-4 days, a long trip can also be added to the list. However, if you are planning to embark on any such adventure in a car, make sure you know about all travel essentials. Here are top 5 essential travel accessories that one must carry on all road trips:


  1. Healthy Snacks Packet: One of the most basic travel essentials for car, always carry a pack of non-greasy meals with you. Even if you are going across the town on a shopping spree, carry some light snacks for the path as you never know when traffic jams strike you and compel to spend longer than expected time in the car. Make it mandatory when you are planning to go out with kids.

  2. Pick-Me-Up Spray: It is one of the most essential travel accessories when you are on a long trip. Staying inside a metal box for long time can put you off and make you cranky. It can easily life your spirits.

  3. Navigator: Yes, your mobile phone does have a GPS but what if you get into an area without cell reception or lower mobile signals. Buying a navigator is a good investment as you can use it with your own vehicle as well as with rented cars.

  4. Motion-Sickness Cures: Always carry some motion-sickness pills for longer road trips. It is one of the most useful travel accessories for cars and SUVs. You can also carry ginger candy or ginger gum for this purpose, they are equally effective for curing motion sickness.

  5. Map: It is wiser to carry a map and not completely rely on GPS especially when you are travelling to far off areas. 

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