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5 Car Accessories That Make Your Life Easier...

30 September 2015, 03:30 PM

The need of car accessories can only be realized by those who are constrained to spend considerable part of their day in these metal boxes. The category includes all kinds of people right from cab drivers to professionals to working mothers who are compelled to drive long distances every day for obvious reasons. For those hard working souls, we have summed up top 5 car accessories that are meant to make your life easier.

  1. Mobile Holder: Connectivity is an important issue especially when 2-4 hours of your day are spent only on steering the car and maintaining your focus on roads. Mobile holder may come handy in this case. These mini computers keep getting misplaced and slide to car floor for no and all reasons. To sort out this problem you may go for the Universal mobile holders for cars that can easily rotate up to 360 degrees and are pretty simple to use. Statistically too, these are the most searched car accessories in India.

  2. Car Neck Cushions: Many people complain about neck and back pains due to long journey despite correct positioning of seats. It is primarily because of the strain your neck faces while you sit for hours on car seats. Neck cushion pillows can be of great help in this case. Your neck deserves equal amount of attention and comfort as your back and other body parts.

  3. Dash Grip Gel Pad: Easy to apply and easy to wipe, the DashGrip Gel Pads get counted among the most innovative car interior accessories. These help you in sticking your essentials to the dashboard while you drive and prevents them from slipping on floor. An easy way to keep change, key, and other small things right in front of you.

  4. Steering Wheel Desk: There are times when you don’t want to go out with others on lunch and neither deal with embarrassment of having meal alone in the cafeteria. A steering wheel desk can definitely make the task easier. You can enjoy a quite meal in the car without having to struggle with the limitations of less space on driving seat.

  5. Car Special Vacuum Cleaner: These days’ vacations are more about long drives across the nation which means sleeping as well as sometimes dining in the car. It will get easier to keep your vehicle clean with a small vacuum cleaner. You can easily remove eatables, crumbs, and wrappers from the hidden corners and keep it fresh and clean.


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