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Why To Buy Winter Tyres For Snow Regions?...

18 October 2015, 10:05 AM

The reason why you should buy winter tyres for snowy regions is because regular tyres lack the capacity to work in low temperatures. The regular or the all-season tyres are tuned to perform in every area. This compromises their ability to work in any specific region in an intense manner. Winter tyres are designed to focus on one and only one area which you will face during winters. Their design allows them to deliver best performance in freezing temperatures and pull bites from snow. Along with, these also work pretty well in snow packed regions where tyres with large treads are specially required to move ahead.

There are a few things that must be taken care of while looking for winter tyres. First thing that you need to look for is a snowflake-over-the-mountain sign over the tyres which means it has been tested against snow packed regions and has a 10 per cent better ability than others to stand freezing temperatures. Some people may argue that their SUVs are already loaded with special features like traction control and AWDs, then why do they need to buy winter tyres. Snow specific tyres will help you in getting most out of these special systems. It is so because the ability of these electronic systems mainly depends on the traction tyres offer them. Better the traction better will be their ability to help you out.

When AWD systems work in coordination with regular tyres, the owner sometimes get a false sense of security. It may give them a better acceleration power than regular cars; however, their cornering and stopping abilities are highly compromised because of lack of region specific tyres. Your safety is ensures by your turning and stopping abilities and not by acceleration power. Therefore, winter tyres must be purchased when you need to tread your way through snowy regions on a regular basis.

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